“Sound was such an amazing resource to portray the invisible horror”: Manuela Martelli on 1976

Screened as part of the First Feature Competition at the 66th BFI London Film Festival, Manuela Martelli’s debut feature is a remarkable addition to Chile’s groundbreaking film movement of the recent years.

Dominga Sotomayor Castillo on Too Late to Die Young

Following on from her 2012 debut road trip drama Thursday Till Sunday and 2014’s Mar, Chilean writer-director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo is back with a new feature that visits memories of what she once called home. Unfolding as close as possible to nature, Too Late to Die Young (Tarde para morir joven) is set in the… Continue reading Dominga Sotomayor Castillo on Too Late to Die Young


Even When I Fall interview with directors Sky Neal and Kate McLarnon and producer Elhum Shakerifar

Even When I Fall tells the incredible true story of Nepal’s first and only circus set up by survivors of human trafficking. The film’s directors Kate McLarnon and Sky Neal filmed Circus Kathmandu’s journey over 7 years, as two incredible women – survivors of child trafficking – took the bold step of bringing an unrecognised… Continue reading Even When I Fall interview with directors Sky Neal and Kate McLarnon and producer Elhum Shakerifar

Carla Simón on her influences and Summer 1993: “What I love about Cria Cuervos is that it really portrays the complex psychology of children”

Two decades following the passing of her mother, writer-director Carla Simón was en route to London to study at the London Film School where she was taught something very special about the way we’re telling stories. A year after her 30th birthday anniversary, Simón polishing off her debut feature, which won her the Berlin Best… Continue reading Carla Simón on her influences and Summer 1993: “What I love about Cria Cuervos is that it really portrays the complex psychology of children”

Patricio Guzmán on The Pearl Button

Have the strongest people always dominated everywhere? We look into Patricio Guzmán’s new film The Pearl Button, ahead of its UK release this week.   “I’d love for these water people not to have disappeared.” Patricio Guzmán, The Pearl Button Chilean documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán was held in solitary confinement in Santiago’s National Stadium and… Continue reading Patricio Guzmán on The Pearl Button

Kim Longinotto on Dreamcatcher

The master director of films on women’s rights talks to us about her picture based on Brenda Myers-Powell and the girls on the street corners of Chicago.   Documentarian Kim Longinotto returns this year with a film about prostitution. Perhaps, an obvious and depressing subject about sex victims wouldn’t appeal to many people at first.… Continue reading Kim Longinotto on Dreamcatcher

Jimmy’s Hall: interview with director Ken Loach

Highly respected for his outstanding work by the British and international arts community, director Ken Loach returns this year with his latest film Jimmy’s Hall.   Ken Loach and his regular collaborator, writer Paul Laverty (The Angel’s Share, The Wind That Shakes the Barley) return to Ireland to feature the story of a dynamic and charismatic character, Jimmy… Continue reading Jimmy’s Hall: interview with director Ken Loach

Archipelago connected: 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Coinciding with the events in Thessaloniki as the European Youth Capital, the screens in the northern Greek city wrote ethics, truth and literacy on the wall.   Peter Wintonick once wrote: "We should attempt to pour our work and activism into the forge of human service. Let us become our own masters, re-appropriate our media away… Continue reading Archipelago connected: 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

57th BFI London Film Festival: Luton

Screening at the 57th BFI London Film Festival's First Feature Competition, Luton is an insightful film and an alarming tour de force about personal responsibilities. Director Michalis Konstantatos talks about his debut feature.   The world of Luton, the debut feature of Michalis Konstantatos, is common people in their everyday lives. The three lead characters… Continue reading 57th BFI London Film Festival: Luton