Be bold for change: 11 international women in film

Gallery | To mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate women in film from around the world in March every year. Here are 11 women to honour and admire in 2017.


Radical simply means grasping things at the root.
– Angela Davies


Chris Marker’s “Petite Planète” guides, each dedicated to a different country, which he initiated and directed from 1954-58 while working at the Paris-based publisher Éditions du Seuil.


Not a guidebook, not a history book, not a propaganda brochure, not a traveller’s impressions, but instead equivalent to the conversation we would like to have with someone intelligent and well versed in the country that interests us.
– Chris Marker

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Book a ticket for Angela Davies in Conversation at Southbank Centre as part of WOW – Women of the World on 11 March 2017.


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