TRESPASS: new immersive music pop-up

Brand new immersive live music weekender TRESPASS is the first intimate music event of its kind.

Trespass 2016

This May bank holiday weekend a new immersive live music experience will launch to a secret London location lasting for four consecutive nights from Thursday 26 May until Sunday 29 May 2016. TRESPASS is the ‘lightbulb’ moment of forward thinking music producers Ben Spetsiotis (IAM New Music), Lowri Gerrard (Universal Music) and Joshua Sanger (Barn on the Farm Festival) who worked with London’s dynamic music curators, Mahogany, to redefine how we interact with live music and our physical connection with the concert space.

Sounds familiar? Immersive theatre and cinema pop-ups keep springing up with huge popularity. Imagine this for music! TRESPASS X Mahogany make this possible by taking over a unique London space and incorporating current artists’ music and influences for trespassers to discover four secret artists in a very special performance world.

For Spetsiotis, Gerrard and Sanger, TRESPASS was born out of their love for music videos and their ability to transport the viewer. They’ve been collaborating with the artists for their input on how the live space will be transformed, adding all the special touches that will allow the audience to trespass into the artist’s world.

Ben Spetsiotis, Co-Founder and Director of Trespass says:

“This concept was born from our love of music videos and their ability to transport the viewer inside the world of the music. We have always kept that firmly at the forefront of our minds when designing each space within the venue and consider the Trespass format to be a crucial next step in presenting live music. Our aim is to re-manage artist and audience expectations as to how live music can be experienced in an immersed, engaged and unpredictable way.”

For ticket holders, the meeting point is 7pm sharp at Christ Church, Spitalfields (a very short walk from Aldgate East underground station). That’s all we know so far… Oh and the first ever Trespass playlist, which includes tracks from a couple of the secret artists performing at the launch event. Let the guessing begin and…

“…above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl


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