11Polaroids is a creative platform produced by arts & film curator Georgia Korossi to showcase instants from the world of cinema, sound, art and photography.

This platform has a small team of contributors and we are travelling around the world to find the best of creative minds, new and emerging filmmakers and artists whose work, ideas and projects are exceptional and outstanding. We write about these journeys, we are researching about women-led practices and we generate interest about some of the most talked-about and acclaimed documentaries, films and art of recent times through our reporting.


All written material, logo, videos and photography are copyright © 2012-2022 11Polaroids and Georgia Korossi. Images are the copyright of original owners unless otherwise stated. If quoted or referenced, do get in touch to let the author know.

Welcome to 11Polaroids, I hope you enjoy our Windless nights of June!

© 2012-2023 11Polaroids Journal of film, sound and art


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